This is a simple game for small children, created from scratch with the visual programming language Delphi for Windows versions 98 and later. This game is based on Conway's 'Game of Life'. This version uses the simple Conway rules to control the occupation of smiley face persons in the play area. In a sweep through the play area, if a person is surrounded by 2 or 3 other persons they stay whereas if it less than 2 they leave (too lonely) or greater than 3 they leave (over -crowding). If an empty room is surrounded by exactly 2 people then it becomes occupied. The object is to try and get the maximum sized occupation pattern from a given start pattern. It is also interesting to see the amazing patterns that develop with these simple rules.

More details on playing the game can be found in the 'About' panel in the game. The That's Life game can be downloaded free to play on your own PC by clicking below:


Note: To play the game, double click the downloaded file tlife.exe